Monday, 22 July 2013

Download photos from a tumblr blog

This is a Ruby script that downloads the specified number of photos from a tumblr blog. It can be used as an automated backup tool if you put it in cron. It detects and skips the photos that have already been downloaded. By default, it's limited to downloading 50 most recent photos at a time, which is a limitation of the tumblr API. I recommend first using the script with the "fullbackup" option, which will download all the photos, and then putting the script in the daily cron with only the destination folder option, which will keep your backup fresh. Mind, if you post more than 50 photos on your tumblr daily it's a good idea to run the script several times a day. You get the idea.

You can get the script on GitHub.

I'm not the original author of the script, though I have contributed a patch. More importantly, it works nicely.


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